Do you really know what your customers are saying?

Your customers already call you to share their thoughts. They often discuss potential purchases, ask questions, or maybe even want to return a product.

If only there were a way to automatically sort through all of those calls and identify feedback and sentiment for every product you sell. Actually, there is a way.

Introducing SupporTrends.


Automatic Product Insight

We extract specific, actionable product feedback from your existing customer conversations across every product you offer.

Wondering why your brand new product generates so many support requests? We can help by identifying the most Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • By product

  • By feature

  • By employee

  • By Date

Automatic Consumer Sentiment

Our platform collates sentiment metrics, such as estimated Net Promoter Score, and can separate them so that cause and affect can easily be determined.

Do you know what products, features, or challenges most strongly affect your NPS? We offer Estimated NPS (NPSe):

  • By product

  • By feature

  • By question

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Automatic Consumer Actions

Because we deconstruct and summarize customer conversations in their entirety, our platform is able to highlight customer actions that are discussed.

Curious how certain products or features contribute to repeat business? We can offer insight on consumer intent broken down by:

  • Products discussed

  • Features used

  • Questions asked

  • More

Automatic Employee Insights

We are able to identify detailed insight on employee performance, both for customer support roles and sales performance.

Wondering if your customer service representatives are asking to book those appointments? We can help identify key performance indicator performance such has:

  • Appointment ask rates

  • Offering solutions over the phone

  • Proper greeting and identification

  • Customer contact info requests

  • More