Your Customers Don’t Want Another Survey. We Help You Discover What They’ve Already Told You.

Consumers experience and engage your brand throughout the buyer experience cycle, whether they are getting ready to purchase or getting ready to move on to the next product. Our platform enables your company to understand and track the feedback it has already captured, be it positive, negative, or something in between.

Depending on the size of your business, you may have a few hundred or many thousands of customers who call, chat, email, or otherwise reach out to talk. By focusing on these conversations - the times when consumers want to talk to you - we are able to extract structured performance metrics almost immediately.

Our Natural Language Processing platform uses the latest AI advancements to deliver fast, organized reporting in key ares such as:

  • Brand and product feedback

  • Employee feedback

  • Consumer sentiment

  • Estimated Net Promoter Score

If you have wished for ongoing, quantifiable insight on these metrics, paired with the top questions, requests, and statements and your customers want to discuss, then our platform is right for you.

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How We Do It

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Nearly all businesses today record inbound calls for quality assurance purposes, but rarely have the time to listen to more than a small fraction of them.

Our unique, AI-assisted, Natural Language Processing platform understands conversations the same way humans do, summarizing and contextualizing each conversation almost instantly, without any training. Our platform can analyze existing consumer and employee call recordings, chat transcripts, and other customer conversations, offering valuable perspective directly from your customers.

What Makes Us Different

Existing Natural Language Processing solutions require lengthy deployments during which key phrases, words, and action triggers are identified and programmed in, usually by a consulting company. A fast deployment is considered to be about two months, often followed by several months of training.

Small businesses do not have the resources for a $100k + deployment. We developed our platform from the perspective of a typical small or medium business, and our primary objective was to deliver meaningful insight the day a customer signs up for service.

Six figure cost, three-month deployments, and an ROI measured in years…or same-day results? The choice is easy.

Why Us?

SupporTrends was founded with one goal in mind: to harness the feedback that consumers freely share every day.

When a business surveys its consumers with a list of questions, those questions project the perspective of the business onto the consumer. What are the odds that those questions are exactly what the consumer wants to talk about? Pretty low.

Our platform lets consumers direct the questions. How would a business know that its representatives are being asked for a feature or product that is not currently offered? How would it know that a product is one step away from greatness when it merely asks its customers if they’re satisfied?

We think it is time to start listening to consumers who are already talking instead of persuading someone to take a long, detailed survey. Every feature we build is designed with this ethos in mind, a philosophy that shines through in the insight we deliver.