Your Customers Don’t Want Another Survey. We Help You Discover What They’ve Already Told You.

Consumers experience and engage your brand throughout the buyer experience cycle, whether they are getting ready to purchase or getting ready to move on to the next product. Our platform enables your company to understand and track the feedback it has already captured, be it positive, negative, or something in between.

Depending on the size of your business, you may have a few hundred or many thousands of customers who call, chat, email, or otherwise reach out to talk. By focusing on these conversations - the times when consumers want to talk to you - we are able to extract structured performance metrics almost immediately.

Our Natural Language Processing platform uses the latest AI advancements to deliver fast, organized reporting in key ares such as:

  • Brand and product feedback

  • Employee feedback

  • Consumer sentiment

  • Estimated Net Promoter Score

If you have wished for ongoing, quantifiable insight on these metrics, paired with the top questions, requests, and statements and your customers want to discuss, then our platform is right for you.

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